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Quotes and Mining.

Cryptoticker lists current prices for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin the three biggest cryptocurrencies. We support multiple exchanges including Mt Gox, BTC-e, BTCChina (比特币中国), OKCoin (最专业的比特币交易平台), and Vircurex. We pledge to update our exchange listing support at least once a month and will be happy to take recommendations from customers.

In addition to getting ticker prices we also have wallet value tracking for each of the supported currencies.

Supported Currencies

We support multiple fiat currencies including:

  • USD
  • Euro
  • Russian Rubble
  • British Pound
  • Chinese Yuan.
  • Many more for BTC (Mt.Gox and Coinbase support many fiat currencies).

There is also now a quick currency converter feature that uses Google. All currencies are not available for all coins, we only show what the exchanges support.

We support the following coins currently:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Namecoin
  • Peercoin**
  • Dogecoin**
  • Feathercoin**
  • Worldcoin**
  • Quarkcoin**
  • Primecoin**

More coins will be added upon request and when reaching a certain overall market cap.

** as of major update version 1.5.1


Quotes from these exchanges:

  • Mt.Gox
  • BTC-e
  • BTCChina (比特币中国)
  • OKCoin (最专业的比特币交易平台)
  • Vircurex
  • Intersango
  • CampBX
  • Bitcoin Central
  • Cryptsy**
  • Bter**

Mining from these Pools:

  • BTC Guild -
  • Slush's Pool
  • Deepbit -
  • Burnside's pool -
  • Added Mining pools** (dogecoin) (dogecoin) (dogecoin) (dogecoin) (dogecoin) (litecoin)
** as of major update version 1.5.1

Wallet Tracking & Difficulty

We now support wallet address stats.

As of version 0.0.9 on both Android and iOS we provide sent and recieved totals for a single address for BTC and LTC. Get in touch if you like these features and want to see more development in this direction.

We also provide difficulty information for both the BTC and LTC blockchains.

App Updates

Version Date Changes
1.5.2 2/2/14 (android)
  • Add Peercoin
  • Add Dogecoin
  • Add Quark
  • Add Worldcoin
  • Add quotes
  • Add quotes
  • New landing view with instant quotes in USD
  • Added Mining pools: (dogecoin) (dogecoin) (dogecoin) (dogecoin) (dogecoin) (litecoin)
1.3.2 11/24/13 (android)
  • Add (最专业的比特币交易平台)
  • Added currency conversion feature
  • More icon sizes
  • Fixed broken bitcoin-central api issue.
  • Fixed broken bitstamp api issue.
1.2.1 11/20/13
  • Update icon for iOS 7
  • Add (比特币中国)
  • change to (done)
  • Add
1.1.1 Released July 2013
  • Remove
  • Add
  • Fix BTC-e / NMC bug
  • Add Help Button
  • Add CampBX
0.0.9 5/18/13
  • Adding support for pool:
0.0.8 5/12/13
  • Added support for mining pool.
  • Added new view for Bitcoin and Litecoin. Gets recieved and sent coins for wallet address. Pulls difficulty and next difficulty retarget date for Bitcoin and Litecoin.
0.0.7 5/9/13 Initial Release

Privacy Policy

We Don't Track and Don't Show Ads!

We, like many other cryptocurrency users take privacy seriously. Therefore we do not track anything you do in Cryptoticker. We don't show ads and we don't force you to join any mailing lists. We let you be anonymous use our product however you feel like.

The only calls out to the internet cryptoticker will ever make will be directly to whatever exchange or mining pool that you request information from.

Donate to get your pool included!



Have a Problem or a Suggestion?

Great! I love to hear feedback on my work. Want to see you exchange or pool supported in the next update? I won't turn down a request if it comes with a donation!

Either way, you can email me at:

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